Vocational and Entrepreneurship Education have been historically known as education for work. The combination has focused on providing trainees in Africa with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully transition to enterprise ownership. Sub Saharan Open University – Vocational and Entrepreneurship Development Program (VEDP) is a broad and complex program of the University, spanning myriads of skill levels, a plethora of subject areas, and a diversity of educational contents. SSOU-VEDP is focused on preparing trainees to become self-employed and employers of labor and it admits all academic levels not lower than High School, which includes young adults, adults who are young, and all others. For the first time in Nigeria, an institution is providing the opportunity for decisions regarding vocational and career and technical education programming to the individual with the options to become creators of employment and generators of wealth.  

STEM-centric SSOU-VEDP is not just the vocational career and technical education route for burgeoning entrepreneurs but also a key component of the overall education system in Africa. In addition, it introduces a rapid change in the context of work, job and employment and the need for a skilled, adaptable workforce for national development. SSOU-VEDP leads the African vocational and entrepreneurship education system to hold a vital role in the economic development of the continent. It is a wholesome marriage of vocational education and entrepreneurship development, bringing technical vocational education and training (TVET) to a well-developed job creation space, and will for a long time play a significant role in change education in Africa. This unusual combination of TVET and entrepreneurship is not only a key to economic prosperity, but also a crucial and strategic component for economic self-sufficiency.