Sub Saharan Open University is partnering with global institutions and organizations to promote country-specific Impact Programs (IP) in Africa and the rest of the world based on relevant themes and characteristics.

Sub Saharan Solutions Suite
The Sub Saharan Solutions Suite (S4) emphases new technologies startups and scaleups. SSOU is partnering with globally renown new media advancement organizations such as Google, facebook, Instagram and Twitter to bring solutions to African development issues.

Executive Education and Edification
Sub Saharan Open University Executive Education is targeting to top echelons and stratums in governments, local and global corporations, expatriates, etc., and focusing on the impact of rapid changes in technology to creatively disrupt conventional education, businesses, diplomacies and global relationships. 

The Sub Saharan Partnerships
Sub Saharan Open University launched the Sub Saharan Partnerships (SSP) with the organized private sector in the individual African nations beginning with Nigeria. The SSP serves to help prep the African countries for exponential technologies from a perceptive private sector perspective (PPSP) and provide them with tools to deploy technologies to meet their country specific developmental encounters and contests. Country will be chosen by social, creative and innovative environment with  rapid adoption rates for new technologies in agriculture, agribusiness, food, water and wellness.

Sub Saharan Innovation Pivot
The Innovation Pivot helping Africans experience rapid technologies changes imported from somewhere else that have relevance and significance to their growth and economies. SSIP is hosted in all SSOU Country Centers to serve development and corporate communities, government and burgeoning innovators. SSIP is at the heart of Sub Saharan Open University Country Programs.

Sub Saharan Conference Series
Sub Saharan Open University hosts annual conferences in pre-selected African countries, focusing on exponentially accelerating entrepreneurship, agropreneurship and technologies, and their impact on fields such as enterprise, finance, medicine, manufacturing, etc. in the country. Country conferences are annual reunions that educate, exploit and espouse.
Open University ‘Closed Circuit’
Sub Saharan Open University ‘Closed Circuit’ is an entrepreneurship, agropreneurship and technological inclusion media blog published by Sub Saharan Open University with the mission of providing the platform for the dissemination of news on entrepreneurship, agropreneurship and technological breakthroughs that would be rapidly changing African societies. Sub Saharan Open University ‘Closed Circuit’ makes contents – teaching, research, community service – produced by Sub Saharan Open University more accessible.
SSOU Learning Communities
Sub Saharan Open University partnering with the International Center for Development Affairs (ICDA) on the University’s Learning Communities Program. The Program identifies global initiatives as campus precedence while learning communities become the priority method of learning. It recognizes the need to extend the university learning environment beyond the classroom and campus to a growing world. The Learning Communities Program involves a structured relationship betweenalready evolved Programs for Learning Communities globally and establishes various forms of local and global learning and exchange programs. Faculty and students and collaborating institutions the world over exchange knowledge, scholarly plans, academic ideas, and institutional fellowships and visits for specified short periods within a defined study session